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Engage Programme

The purpose of this programme is to support clients with Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Dyspraxia & Dyslexia.

The aim of Engage is to mentor and support clients and employers. The primary objective is to help clients gain employment. This is a voluntary programme eligible for clients aged 16-60

What makes Engage Unique and so Successful?
Programme designed to fit in around your specific needs &
Client centred
Extensive employer network to choose from
Numerous job sampling opportunities in various sectors
Mentoring & support
Continuous support
Improved health & well-being
Meeting socially with other participants
Widening your social network & developing new relationships
Better off Calculation (how working impacts on benefits)
Engage co-ordinator samples job roles before clients are placed
Essential Skills Training
Short courses to enhance employability
CV Service
Established mutual relationships with Key Stakeholders, Careers,
Schools, Senco's & Community Groups
Member of Disability Employment Network

A Story of Success: - Click to view story
Clients under the Spectrum demonstrate above average skills in some or all of the folllowing areas:
High levels of concentration
Reliability, conscientiousness &
Accuracy, close attention to
detail and the ability to identify
Technical ability, such as IT &
Creativity & ability to think
outside the box
Detailed factual knowledge &
excellent memory