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Training For Success
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Learning North West / Engage Programme
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LEMIS North West / Job Assist Centre
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Become a business Partner and team up with what ever programme suits your business needs & requirements

We have a pool of TFS trainees which we can provide to your organisation for Free. This allows them to gain experience, enhance their employability and complete their vocational qualifications.

We are looking for employers to offer job sampling opportunities.

We are looking for employers to up-skill their current workforce through our ApprenticeshipsNI framework.

We can deliver free pre-employment training to meet your business needs.

We can provide the use of IBIS which is a Better Off Calculation ( how taking up employment impacts on benefits) useful around recruitment.

TAQA Awards

We also can offer TAQA Level 3 & 4 awards and certificates in assessment and quality assurance

Training costs covered by us.
Employer financial incentives available.
Ongoing support, guidance and mentoring.
Develop your staff to meet the needs of your business.
Mon/Thur 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 2pm
When I first came to DYCW I was unsure of what I wanted to study. Since I have been at Derry Youth I have become more independant in myself and my ability as a person.
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