Established, 1978 as a not for profit social enterprise, delivering Training For Success, ApprenticeshipsNI, Job Assist (Lemis North West 2022) and Engage (Learning North West 2022).

We address social problems, improve communities, people’s quality of life & help our clients who traditionally find it hard to enter the labour market.

Our social mission is at the heart of everything we do and we support local businesses by providing mentoring, support, up-skilling, training/retraining that matches the needs of employers for the 21st century.

What we at DYCW stand for…


We care about you, talk to us and we will support you.

We care for each of our learners by building relationships, understanding learners’ needs and by providing consistent, supportive learner contact. Our learners can depend on us to deliver services that help them achieve their personal ambitions and goals. All staff endeavour to provide a caring and supportive environment tailored to meet the needs of individuals. We ask our learners to care about their well-being, surroundings, progress and personal development.


We will respect you, please respect us and respect each other.Β 

Mutual respect forms the basis of our organisation. Both staff and learners are encouraged to embrace the values of a positive, respectful learning environment. We endeavour to earn the respect of others through positive behaviour. We promote respect for our fellow tutors and learners and we communicate frequently and listen to each other regardless of level or position. We ask our learners to respect themselves, others, their facilities and their surrounding environment for the benefit of all.


Everyone will be treated equally and have the opportunity to learn, use it.

We strive to be an inclusive organisation integrating learners of different abilities, backgrounds and experiences. We promote diversity and equality in everything we do and aim to improve the quality of life for everyone working in, learning in and visiting DYCW. We ask our learners to display an openness to and tolerance of the views, beliefs and needs of others


We value and encourage your independence, make your own career choices and achieve them.

We understand and value the need to develop independence within our learners so that they can obtain the necessary skills and attributes to make a valuable contribution to the community as a whole. We strive to instil this independence by enabling learners to overcome barriers to their personal and employment progression. We ask learners to take responsibility for their own progression and to fully avail of all opportunities provided.


We want you to achieve, let’s work together and succeed.

We constantly strive to improve and innovate in order to meet and exceed our learners’ expectations. We encourage each learner to maximise their performance in order to reach their full potential. We base success not only on the achievement of academic qualifications but also on how learners evolve personally and emotionally. We take pride in each learner’s personal achievement and celebrate success in a variety of ways. We ask learners to take every opportunity to achieve individual and collective excellence by striving for high personal standards.

Our Clients Love Us

Over the past 12 months all clients who started with DYCW, have been given the opportunity to participate and prove themselves in a valuable work placement, gain as much experience as possible and cultivate a range of occupational skills with a percentage securing employment.

Here at Gills Newsagents we have had a trainee from DYCW on work experience for the first time. This young person is working extremely well and has proved to be a great asset to our business. The staff and customers have great things to say about how well he can work and also enjoy his big personality. All us going well for both the client and ourselves and we like the way DYCW keep in contact to ensure this. We are now in a position to offer him some part time week-end hours.

Gills Newsagents SPAR (Park Avenue, Derry)Kevin Gill, Proprietor

I have previously managed the Poundland Store in the Waterside and was familiar with offering work placements to DYCW clients and seen how successful it was for both client and employer leading into employment. Therefore, when I became manager for GAME I made it my business to ensure this shop would be in a position to offer the same opportunities and thankfully it again has been a great success. Our trainee started out on a trial basis for one month and continues to work well. He has been a pleasure to train and also a pleasure to watch progress in all aspects of learning.

GAME, (Richmond Centre, Derry)Rory O’Connor, Manager

We at Medicare have apprenticeships based in many of our chemist all over Northern Ireland. The training they receive is really beneficial and convenient for the staff and company as the tutor is available to come to our premises to deliver and observe for the best service to all.

Medicare Pharmacy (Racecourse Rd, Derry)Richard Collins, Pharmacist

We had been contacted by DYCW in December last year about the opportunity to have a TFS Hairdressing Client on work experience with us at the salon. We took this great opportunity to give a young person starting out in hairdressing the chance to put their skills into practice and learn in a busy environment. Fortunately, things are working out well and we can see the progression in both the client’s confidence and skills. I’m amazed at how quick she picks thing up. Her curling, braids, plaits and upstyles are excellent. We hope to be in a position to offer employment on completion.

Headz & Co Salon (Glendermott Rd, Derry)Glynis Jefferson, Proprietor

We have worked with DYCW this year in different settings. They had kindly provided out staff with Autism Awareness Training which has been really invaluable with our job role and also helped us support our clients on work placement from the Engage Programme. Being involved and in a position to offer someone who is specifically interested in this field of work gives out organisation great satisfaction and makes us feel that we have contributed to the lives and development of the client and community.

Apex Housing (Butcher St, Derry)Julie Quinn, HR Manager

In Other News…

Happiest of birthdays to our Retail tutor Martina, enjoy the celebrations 🍾 ✨️ πŸŽ‚ ... See MoreSee Less
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Congratulations to Oscar, collecting his City and Guilds Essential Skills Level 2 Certificate in Communication from Declan this afternoon. Well done Oscar. πŸ‘ ... See MoreSee Less
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Congratulations to Tyler pictured receiving his Certificate of Achievement and Β£100 bonus for attending 6 months in his work placement with Reloved Charity Shop from Lisa our Work Placement Manager. Tyler continues to progress. Well done and keep up the good work . πŸ‘ ... See MoreSee Less
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Congratulations to Sinead O'Donnell collecting her Certificate of Achievement and Β£100 bonus for 6 months attendance with Reloved Cafe. Sinead also passed her exam in Basic Food Hygiene (Catering) last week. Well done Sinead. πŸ‘ ... See MoreSee Less
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Well done to Grace Carlin for successfully passing one of her online unit exams towards her Retail qualification this morning followed by receiving her Certificate of Achievement and Β£100 bonus payment for 6 months attendance at her work placement. Congratulations Grace πŸ‘ 😊 ... See MoreSee Less
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Congratulations to both Levi McIntosh-Beveridge and Louisa Jefferson, pictured receiving Certificate of Achievement and a bonus payment of Β£100 for attendance at work placement for a period of 6 months. Also receiving bonus payments this month are Sinead O'Donnell, Tyler McIntosh-Beveridge and Grace Carlin. Well done everyone πŸ‘ ... See MoreSee Less
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Derry Youth & Community Workshop and Job Assist Centre are in Foyle Jobs and Benefits office this afternoon, call in and see us for a chat about what training courses we have available and also information on our employment support services. ... See MoreSee Less
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Lovely to see Rebecca today who called in for a chat and to see our Retail tutor Martina. Rebecca is doing great since achieving all her qualifications and work experience with ourselves and is currently employed with TK MAX.. well done...keep up the good work πŸ‘ ... See MoreSee Less
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We are all delighted here at DYCW to see Oscar receiving both his Level 1 Communication and Retail Knowledge certificates and look forward to seeing you soon to collect your Level 2 Certificate in Communication. Congratulations again and best of luck in your future career path πŸ‘ ☘️ πŸ€ ... See MoreSee Less
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Huge congratulations to both Gavin Bradley and James Quigley for successfully completing their BCS Level 2 Certificate in IT User Skills (ICDL Extra) (ITQ). Well done πŸ‘ . Both are pictured receiving certificates from our Chief Executive - Declan Doherty and their tutor Laurent Kartheiser. ... See MoreSee Less
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