Employer Patnerships

Become an Employer Provider and team up with what ever programme suits your business needs & requirements.

We have a pool of TFS trainees which we can provide to your organisation for free. This allows them to gain experience, enhance their employability and complete their vocational qualifications.

We are looking for employers to offer job sampling opportunities.

We are looking for employers to up-skill their current workforce through our ApprenticeshipsNI framework.

We can deliver free pre-employment training to meet your business needs.

We can provide the use of IBIS which is a Better Off Calculation (how taking up employment impacts on benefits) useful around recruitment.

A number of our employees have been participating in the Derry Youth Pharmacy training course over the past year and every staff member involved has praised the course, for both the content and quality of delivery. Several of the staff have previously completed distance learning courses, but have commented that the ‘one to one’ nature of teaching employed is more beneficial to their practice, especially as community pharmacy involves similar interactions on a daily basis.

Murphy's Chemist

Lermagh Graphics have been taking part in DYCW's Training For Success programme for the past few years. DYCW staff are well organised, helpful and friendly and have always found the right trainee to fit into our workplace. We have always found the trainees enthusiastic and eager to learn new skills.

Lermagh Graphics

North West Marketing & North West Business Complex are proud to be placement providers with DYCW. Complimenting vocational training with on the job experience, has allowed those in placement to attain recognised qualifications and enhance their employability. The team at DYCW provide excellent support and guidance to their placement providers and accurately match the young person to the most suitable placement.

North West Marketing

TAQA Awards

We also can offer TAQA Level 3 & 4 awards and certificates in assessment and quality assurance.

Current Schemes

Training For Success

Apprenticeships NI

LEMIS (Job Assist)