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LEMIS North West 2022 is a European Social Fund / Department for Economy funded programme designed to engage unemployed and economically inactive clients, and by identifying and addressing barriers to employment, move the clients towards and into employment. While on the programme clients are supported by a dedicated mentor and are guided as they identify their barriers to employment and prepare an action plan to overcome these and progress towards employment.

A significant number of clients have engaged in training and skills development to enhance their employment opportunities. We have in fact added to our original list of training opportunities and now offer 16 training options.

Engaged & supported clients towards employment

Clients were successful in gaining employment

Clients also progressed into further education or other training programmes

Pre-Employment Programme

We have created a new and innovative certificate in care pre-employment programme and we have now run this successfully for 2 groups of clients, LEMIS North West 2022 has had a recent ETI Inspection and these were Key findings:

The project promoter has the following strengths:

  • Excellent sustained employment outcomes
  • Access to range of qualifications for clients
  • Staff have in depth knowledge of welfare/ benefits system
  • Well established links to community/ voluntary organisations
  • Well-developed use of social media in promoting programme
  • Continuing professional development opportunities
  • Good outreach element to the programme
Of clients get placed into long term, secure employment

Job Assist

We can help you find the best way forward. Our service is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.

Job Assist provides an easier and more successful journey towards employment. We help people reach their full potential by providing confidential advice and information. We aid in the enhancement of skills, strengths, self confidence and belief by offering employment, education and training. We work closely with employers, community groups and individuals to help find the best option for you.

Approximately 40% of our clients get placed into long term, secure employment.

Our Holistic approach provides the following:

  • A private, confidential, no obligation programme
  • An assigned personal advisor / mentor who will stay with you throughout the duration of the programme
  • Benefits / Better Off calculations
  • Education and pre-employment training and vocational guidance
  • Financial assistance with interviews and back to work clothes
  • Help with CV building, Job Search, Interview techniques and Filling out application form
  • Continued, on-going support
  • Employment opportunities
  • Advise on Tax Credits, housing costs, R.T.Credit, back to work grant, employment bonus etc
  • Assisting employers by offering free pre-employment training programmes, advice and information to enhance their recruitment procedures

E.S.A? Do you know you may be BETTER OFF working?

Call us for free confidential advice on any of the above.

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